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Male (neutered)
Born Oct 2008
Shepherd Mix
About 85 Pounds
Came to M'Shoogy's in 2009

Hi Iím Jag. I was homeless. I ate what I could find when I could find it, but it wasn't ever enough to silence the growling of my empty stomach. All I was trying to do was survive but instead I was yelled at and chased off by people who just saw me as a nuisance rather than the young puppy that simply wanted a full tummy and some affection. That was some time ago. Now I have plenty to eat and I am no longer in danger. Despite the actions of some humans I was subjected to, I am very affectionate and love people. I also get along well with other dogs. Iíve got a thyroid condition and Cushingís disease so I will have to be on medication for the rest of my life. But, really, thatís no big deal. Two pills and you get this handsome fella to call your own!

Those adopting Jag could get his medication at Angelís Vet at our cost.

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